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Free wallpapers for your desktop in Windows or Mac computer, also for widescreen monitors. Do not wait to download images this great collection of images to use as desktop backgrounds on computers with images of sports, love, and especially cartoons, free animated wallpapers for Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and previous versions

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Ligth waves wallpaper

Ligth Waves

Free your mind with this 3D wallpaper of light waves that cross a dark sky. This is a new AUTOINSTALL wallpaper, you only have to make click in the installation archive to get this wallpaper in your desktop.

Free wallpapers

Images for desktop

Our image collection is growing every day. Every day we add new wallpapers to our exclusive collection, because we do all the designs of wallpapers, and most are exclusive to our website. What theme do you like? do not worry, we got to decorate and customize your Windows or Mac desktop. Also you can order whatever you want on Facebook

Screen resolutions

We have images that will fit any resolution of your computer, no matter you have normal or wide screen, so we can all use them, and if you like, we got HD Wallpapers. The sizes of the images are valid for the following resolutions and over: 1024x768 1366x768 1280x800 1440x900 1280x1024 1920x1080 1680x1050 1600x900 320x480 768 x 1024.

Widescreen wallpapers

If your monitor is widescreen, you can use our backgrounds automatically. Our site detects the resolution of your monitor. The images are designed wide enough to accommodate any desktop size, and when you download the wallpaper, this will be adjusted to be seen to the best quality on your monitor.

We have 21556 Wallpapers available for download and have had the amount of 1.963.696 downloaded files. Do not we have that you need? You can ask us whatever you want publishing it on our sites Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

The latest novelties in free wallpapers

Saint Bernard dog



This great Saint Bernard is sitting still in an esplanade of grass, at a little town in the mountain. As you can see, adult Saint Bernards can reach very huge sizes, sometimes even over the half a meter of height. They are dogs that are normally seen at mountain zones, where the climate is colder,... more

Sandy Cheeks

SpongeBob Squarepants


In this picture you can see Sandy, the inseparable friend of SpongeBob, with her underwater wetsuit. As Sandy is a squirrel, she needs a helmet with oxygen to breathe. Sandy Cheeks is SpongeBob´s friend, and they all live underwater in Bikini Bottom. Sandy Cheeks likes to practice karate... more

Babies' faces

Babies and newborn children

Babies and Children

This baby is looking at us with a surprised expression on its face, lying on a soft bathing towel. Babys bring lots of tenderness because they look fragile and vulnerable, so they wake up the protective instinct of the people. They say babies are the joy of a home, and whatever the difficulties... more




Kon-El, most commonly known as Superboy, flies close to the fields of Smallville. Kon-El is a clone of Superman, even though his abilities did not work so well at first. Although he could actually fly, he was not as invulnerable as Superman was (except for the Kriptonite, Superman's... more

Fantastic animals

Fantastic animals


A gigantic marine worm has come out from the deep to face a powerful knight, which with help from his magic, he will face the beast. The sea worm has very sharp teeth and a circular mouth, and also has numerous jaws that come out of its head, which gives it a really threatening aspect. The brave... more

Terrifying images on Halloween


Public Holidays

This Halloween landscape shows us an enchanted house on the top of a hill, with lots of pumpkins spread all over the hillside. From the tree that is in the dark garden come out lots of flying bats. The full moon completes this terrifying Halloween scene, a scene full of mystery and horror. The... more

Skulls and skeletons on Halloween


Public Holidays

The skeletons march in line, and Jack-O-Lantern accompanies them with his pumpkin head. A funny picture of a pumpkin headed skeleton walking with other skeletons. This is an X-ray image, revealing the bones. Halloween skeletons are very characteristic and popular in Halloween... more

Halloween messages


Public Holidays

This skeleton is based on a Happy Halloween sign built with bones. This image is a perfect way to wish a Happy Halloween to all your friends, with an X-ray picture. If you want to send the image to your friends, you can send it as a postcard to the friend that you want to receive it in his email.... more

Graveyards on Halloween


Public Holidays

Cemeteries are the places that give more fear, because they are cold and dark places, charged of emotionally and suggestive. In this cemetery, under an orange light that recalls the evening, you can see the silhouette of a witch, with her cat and her cauldron, some crosses and tombstones, a... more

Disney and Halloween


Public Holidays

Mickey Mouse is ready for Halloween at Disneyland. This huge pumpkin with Mickey Mouse´s face is in Disneyworld, which changes their Halloween decor and entertainment to celebrate the popular festival. If you are a fan who enjoy celebrating Halloween, live in a place like Disneyland is... more

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