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Free wallpapers for your desktop in Windows or Mac computer, also for widescreen monitors. Do not wait to download images this great collection of images to use as desktop backgrounds on computers with images of sports, love, and especially cartoons, free animated wallpapers for Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and previous versions

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Eskimo Nebula Dynamic wallpaper

Eskimo Nebula Dynamic

Just install this application on your computer in which the astronomical wallpapers keep changing according to the time interval chosen on the program. You will then enjoy several wallpapers simultaneously.

Free wallpapers

Images for desktop

Our image collection is growing every day. Every day we add new wallpapers to our exclusive collection, because we do all the designs of wallpapers, and most are exclusive to our website. What theme do you like? do not worry, we got to decorate and customize your Windows or Mac desktop. Also you can order whatever you want on Facebook

Screen resolutions

We have images that will fit any resolution of your computer, no matter you have normal or wide screen, so we can all use them, and if you like, we got HD Wallpapers. The sizes of the images are valid for the following resolutions and over: 1024x768 1366x768 1280x800 1440x900 1280x1024 1920x1080 1680x1050 1600x900 320x480 768 x 1024.

Widescreen wallpapers

If your monitor is widescreen, you can use our backgrounds automatically. Our site detects the resolution of your monitor. The images are designed wide enough to accommodate any desktop size, and when you download the wallpaper, this will be adjusted to be seen to the best quality on your monitor.

We have 21556 Wallpapers available for download and have had the amount of 1.479.010 downloaded files. Do not we have that you need? You can ask us whatever you want publishing it on our sites Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

The latest novelties in free wallpapers

Horses in the water



A majestic black horse gallops freely by the shore, splashing in the sea water. It is a beautiful black and white photography that will serve wallpaper and will add to your computer in style and good taste. An artistic photograph of a black horse turned into wallpaper, perfect for anyone who... more




In this wallpaper, you will have an image of a delicious looking dessert. The background is white, just like the color of the cream, and the container is surrounded by strawberries, just in case you want more than the one that is on top of the jam. As soon as you start eating this dessert, you will... more


Natural landscapes


In this HD wallpaper we can see some mountains protruding over the sea surface. These rocks are surrounded in a fog that gives it an enigmatic ambience to the photography. These mountains are continually subject to change by the action of geological agents, which in this case are the... more

Futuristic landscapes

Fantastic landscapes


Incredible HD wallpaper with a futuristic fortress. A wallpaper at night, in a strange planet, where we see a giant futuristic mechanical construction and flying machines full of lights and mechanisms. In the atmosphere of this planet there are many smoke clouds caused by the continuous operation... more

Fantasy landscapes

Fantastic landscapes


This picture are beautiful views of a fantastic fortress surrounded by an enigmatic mists. This majestic fantasy fortress is located with the sea at its feet, at the edge cliff of an island. Near the coast are ruins of old buildings that are a bit hidden among the vegetation. A beautiful background... more

Urban Elements



This wallpaper is a fire hydrant, fire plug also called, which is a water founitain used by firefighters to extinguish fires cities. They are a very characteristic element of urban landscapes, as in every city must have fire hydrants every certain distance, so firefighters are always near a fire... more




This funny Bloodhound has fallen asleep on a red fence in this free wallpaper. Even if it looks like he should be uncomfortable, his face tells us it is very comfortable in that position. So comfortable, it even fell asleep. A tender photograph of a Bloodhound with brown colored fur, very... more


Natural landscapes


The best way to enjoy a beautiful sunset is watching the sun getting down behind the trees of the forest as the last sun rays reflecting off the surface of a lake. Maybe you recognize this beautiful natural landscape we see in this free wallpaper because this landscape was used... more

Cities at night



When night falls over the streets of a city like Tokyo, far from being entirely dark, the city gains life with lots of activity and lots of colored lights. This wallpaper representes the nocturnal activity of Toky, with a photograph taken in a special way to obtain a beautiful effect with the... more

Cities at daytime



In this wallpaper, you can see a view of Seattle on a clear morning. There are high buildings that rise to get to the sky that is so blue in color, you can only see a few clouds on the horizon. Seattle is the largest city in the state of Washington, which is located northwest of the United States... more

Free wallpapers for desktop or desktop computer in Windows, or any OS, that only we have got them because we create our images. Our free desktop images are part of the the collection of images available for you totaly free at Gifmania Network. Free HD wallpapers to decorate and personalize your computer with the most creative and current hihg quality images. The biggest collection of free wallpapers in Internet at your service to download to your computer and free HD scenes in 3d and animated wallpapers for Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. All free images can be used to customize your own Aero Theme for Windows 7. Free high quality content in high resolution to download to all monitors.