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Free wallpapers for your desktop in Windows or Mac computer, also for widescreen monitors. Do not wait to download images this great collection of images to use as desktop backgrounds on computers with images of sports, love, and especially cartoons, free animated wallpapers for Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and previous versions

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Antarctic iceberg wallpaper

Antarctic Iceberg

An iceberg is a large piece of freshwater ice that has broken off from a snow-formed glacier or ice shelf and is floating in open water. This has led to the expression "tip of the iceberg", generally applied to a problem or difficulty, meaning that the visible trouble is only a small manifestation of a larger problem.

Free wallpapers

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Our image collection is growing every day. Every day we add new wallpapers to our exclusive collection, because we do all the designs of wallpapers, and most are exclusive to our website. What theme do you like? do not worry, we got to decorate and customize your Windows or Mac desktop. Also you can order whatever you want on Facebook

Screen resolutions

We have images that will fit any resolution of your computer, no matter you have normal or wide screen, so we can all use them, and if you like, we got HD Wallpapers. The sizes of the images are valid for the following resolutions and over: 1024x768 1366x768 1280x800 1440x900 1280x1024 1920x1080 1680x1050 1600x900 320x480 768 x 1024.

Widescreen wallpapers

If your monitor is widescreen, you can use our backgrounds automatically. Our site detects the resolution of your monitor. The images are designed wide enough to accommodate any desktop size, and when you download the wallpaper, this will be adjusted to be seen to the best quality on your monitor.

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The latest novelties in free wallpapers

Rio de Janeiro


Cities of the World

Sugarloaf Mountain as seen from a cable car. Rio de Janeiro commonly referred to simply as Rio, is the capital city of the State of Rio de Janeiro, the second largest city of Brazil, and the third largest metropolitan area and agglomeration in South America, boasting approximately 6.3 million... more


Sea Animals


A painting about coral reef. Corals are marine organisms in class Anthozoa of phylum Cnidaria typically living in compact colonies of many identical individual "polyps". The group includes the important reef builders that inhabit tropical oceans, which secrete calcium carbonate to form a hard... more


Science fiction


This animated wallpaper shows the Matrix codes in your background. Your computer will look out of the Matrix Trilogy, likes Neo's computer. Become a Matrix hacker with this animated... more

Sasuke Uchiha


Anime and Manga

Sasuke and Naruto are friends and rivals at the same time. Sasuke Uchiha is a character from the manga and anime Naruto. It is one of the few survivors of the Uchiha Clan. He is Itachi Uchiha’s young brother. He was a member of Kakashi Team, and later defected from the Hidden Leaf Village, to... more

The Avengers

Action films


Loki god, Thor's brother and enemie, in The Avengers, a superhero film based on the Marvel Comics superhero team of the same name. It is the sixth installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Hulk, all in the same... more

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Action films


Spencer Wilding as Grannik in Ghost Rider 2. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is a 2012 American 3D superhero film based on the Marvel Comics antihero Ghost Rider. It is the sequel to the 2007 film Ghost Rider and features Nicolas Cage returning to his starring role as Johnny Blaze/Ghost... more


Animation films


The Princess Merida facing a black bear in the new Disney Pixar film, Brave. In the film, the skilled archer Merida (voiced by Kelly Macdonald) defies an age-old custom, unleashing chaos in the kingdom. After consulting a wise old woman (voiced by Julie Walters) for help, she becomes cursed and is... more

Men in Black 3

Science fiction


The protagonists of the third part of Men in Black. In this HD picture you can see the young Agent K (Josh Brolin), Agent J (Will Smith), and Agent K, (Tommy Lee Jones). We can not forget their impeccable black suits and their black sunglasses. The powerful and futuristic weapons are also present,... more

Snow White and the Hunstman

Fantasy films


The actors cast of Snow White and the Huntsman. In this new film you see Kristen Stewart in the role of Snow White, Chris Hemsworth as the Hunter, and the actress Charlize Theron embodies the evil Queen Ravenna. Also among the cast is actor Sam Claflin, who is the prince, he is in love with Snow... more

Josh Hutcherson

Actors, actresses and directors


The young actor Josh Hutcherson poses with shirt and tie. Josh is formally dressed, but he has the sleeves rolled up, giving it a more youthful and casual look. Although he is a young actor, Josh he accepts the advice they give and he uses them to improve their ways, which makes him a professional... more

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