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The best wallpapers are a collection of wallpapers that have had the higher votes on our website and are the most downloaded on the Internet. This Top Wallpapers is updated every day with the votes of our users. If you want to know which are the most popular wallpapers of the network, you must visit this page with the most popular wallpapers.

The best desktop backgrounds

Marine Aquarium Animated

Animated Wallpaper of living creatures in an aquarium with marine water. Look at the coloful fishes, the corals and the bubbles that move in your desktop behind your icons in three... more

Waterfall in a Wood Animated

Animated desktop wallpaper of a dense wood with plants of all colors and a beautiful waterfall in the middle of the image. You will see the water and you will relax as the water... more

Waterfall Animated

Classic wallpaper of a natural cascade with moving water in the forest. The water falls to a little lake in front of a dark cave. A beatifull place to relax and stay in your... more

3D Dolphins Animated

Animated Wallpaper with dolphins swimming in the sea on your screen. A wonderdull deep blue sea with dolphins that move... more

Restless Cat Animated

Have your own pet on your screen. This cat puppy will live forever on your screen, you will see it moving and you will enjoy the happy days. This animated desktop wallpaper is... more

Caribbean Beach Animated

Animated wallpaper with the sea and a beautiful beach with palms and a boat on the sand. A beautiful scene that will make your dreams come true. You have arrived to paradise in the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Acapulco or... more

Sunset at the Beach Animated

Animated Wallpaper of a wonderful view in a caribbean beach full of palms and with the red colour of the sky. Very relaxing, it will remeber you of summer... more

Snowy Landscape Animated

Follow the beautiful stone bridge up to a cozy cottage hidden in the depths of tall pines. Animals scurry about as the first snowflakes begin to fall. The cottage lights are on, waiting for your arrival in this free animated wallpaper. Features: -... more

Puppies Animated

A puppy is a juvenile dog, generally less than one year of age that has not reached sexual maturity. The term is sometimes abbreviated to pup, a term also used for the offspring of wolves. Coats can change color as the puppy grows older, as is... more

Autumn Fall 3D Animated

Autumn (also known as fall in North American English) is one of the four temperate seasons. Autumn marks the transition from summer usually in September (northern hemisphere) or March (southern hemisphere) when the arrival of night becomes... more